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Sunset Auction and Sales Co. and Gorman Controls

Sunset Auction & Sales Co. takes great pride in our longstanding representation of Gorman Controls in the region, specializing in cutting-edge potato storage equipment. Gorman’s ventilation, refrigeration, and humidification systems stand out for their exceptional design and operational prowess. These top-tier solutions empower our esteemed global producers to maintain optimal storage atmospheres, ensuring the preservation of high-quality products.

We are committed to providing excellent service and support. Please visit Gorman Controls Ltd. for a complete understanding of the products and services we offer. Thank you for considering Sunset Auction & Sales Co. for your agricultural equipment needs.

For any inquiries or detailed information about these premium products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dave at 506-392-7027 or email:

Meet our Service Providers

Our comprehensive team of professionals installers continually exceed our expectations at Sunset. We are positive that your experience with us as your solution provider will be second to none.

  • Drost Electric 506-391-5372 (Randy)
  • Jordan Electric 506-477-9997 (Bill)
  • Ebbett Electric Ltd. 506-425-7950 (Kevin)
  • DC Electric 506-325-2800 (Mark)