To further assist the needs of law firms, financial institutions, trustees, accounting firms, estate planners and the general public, we are pleased to now offer a full appraisal service.

  • Loan Purposes
  • Evaluate Equity
  • Assist Accountants in Business Valuations
  • Assist in Estate Planning

  • Assist Law Firms in Probate of the Will
  • Assist in Value of Sale to a 3rd Party
  • Determine Value for Equitable Distribution

  • Working Closely with Trustees

  • Determining the Values of Assets


  • Replacement Value-Pre Loss
  • After Loss
  • Loss of Value due to damage

A detailed appraisal report is provided upon completion outlining some of the factors used in determining value such as the overall physical condition, the market, desirability of property, the age and other comparables.
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