Dave Crouse graduated from Reisch World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa in 1980. He formed Sunset Auction & Sales that year and has performed hundreds of auctions since. Dave is very experienced in various types of auctions. Growing up in a rural area, he has been involved with the farming community in one form or another all of his life. From selling spray, shipping potatoes and handling ventilation equipment, Dave certainly is familiar with the farming industry and the people involved. Also, owning many herds of cattle in the past along with horses his entire life surely gives Dave an advantage when it comes to selling livestock. Dave has also studied and has been involved in the antique sector of the business. He especially holds great knowledge when it comes to antique glass such as depression & carnival. With all this knowledge & experience, Dave can certainly lead you down the right path when it comes to an auction.

Sam Crouse graduated from SouthWestern School of Auctioneering in Woodstock, ON in 1998. He joined Sunset Auction that summer and has become a well respected auctioneer since. Being the son of Dave, Sam has been around the auction scene most of his life and always dreamed of talking fast like Dad. Sam, like his father has performed various types of auctions. Working at a farm & heavy equipment dealership the first 8 years of his working life, Sam knows the farm, commercial & industrial end of things well and also the people involved. He has also handled a good many estate sales containing everything from furniture to antiques, tools, recreational, lawn & garden equipment. Sam is an accredited personal property appraiser and is a member in good standing with the Canadian Personal Property Appraiser's Group.

Sherille Crouse, the wife of David handles the accounting end of things for the company. She also has worked many sales and often you will find Sherille and David's mother, Doris behind the counter running the canteen. They are well known for their great pies and Strawberry shortcake.

Chastity Crouse is the wife of Sam. They live right next door to the auction centre with their four children, Kali, Emily, Drew, and Cole. Chastity is the head clerk during the auctions and takes care of all the billing and inputing of sale items. With a background in accounting the recent purchase of a state of the art computer system, Chastity can easily track the sale, settle up with customers and finalize the auction all in the same day.

With tons of experience, a modern auction facility and professional service, Sunset Auction & Sales is the right choice for your next auction.

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